Tuesday, 9 August 2011

utopia in disguise.

but, being in this situation, like now knowing where to go or which way to take. makes you know.. how important, to have passion, to stick it in my mind. and pursue it.

ive been thnking so much, t\\looking up to the people i thought already make it. they wont be like they are now, if not bcs of.. they have something that running up in their veins and crashing down their nerves to be insane enough, to get it. to reach it. in any fckin way. -what the hell im talking bout.

theres always a slight blissful you can get from any kind of downiest moment in your life. if you were clear enough to see it.

at least know i know.  how it feels to be lost, and seeking my deepest passion back. my truly passion.

bcs back in old days, i always know what i want. like im choosing social over science. art over routines. being so rulebreaker instead of being obey. bcs i (think) i know what i want.
until these days, i am suddenly lost. and unsure. about what i am going through.

but then, i have to be back. ciao!

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