Thursday, 13 October 2011

tonight we fall a little bit harder.

we were about having a chit chat abt my weird friends that you cant tolerate.
then i said, thats my network,you gotta used to it. 
you said, then i gotta stay away from you if thats the truth. lol.
damn, i was like...
i realize i was scared enough to lose you, and that makes me realize too that i want you enough to be around me. but
then again,
the conclution goes to, we're already in such a distance. 
why worry? we're not real anyway... we're not going anywhere.
then you said, no im kidding. i'll be around.
this is where i fell for you.
then i said, you dont need to always be there for me, you have your  own life. :]
"shit, you got me" you said.
that's where he fell for me. either a lil bit harder for me, or outta love. cant decide. :/
do i want you enough? make me sure you worth the risk. make me sure i know you want the same thing too.

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