Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Twilight VS Hary Potter

check this "100 reasons why Twilight is better than Harry Potter"

all i wanna say after reading that, they're just dont have a fantasy.
twi-fans have no a wide and big enough fantasy to understand HP series i guess :|
i love both of them. but i dont feel any magic inside Twilight. i just like reading Romeo and Juliet in Meyer's version.

Twi- they're just too real. love story. i cant comment more since i am not a huge twilight fans.
HP- bring us another world that we're all dream about when we was kid. and thats what i want, plunged into another world when i felt so boring with this effing world.

so my conclusion :
Meyer's lovely.
Rowling's genius!

you really should click THIS
its more comparative than the site i give you above.

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