Tuesday, 12 January 2010

today i got punishment from my teacher for not following the Eucharist mass this morning.
so, i dont understand. totally not understand.
she asked me to write down all the order sequence of the eucharist mass today.
WHAT FORR????????

not trying to be snobbish or whatever but, by doing that, it doesnt guarantee that i wouldnt do it again someday.
she thought that i deliberately missed it. i mean oh my goaatt how many times i told you!
i woke up at 6.45 it absolutely guaranteed that i was already late and it was raining outside! how could i go to school? stop the raining? who do you think i am?!

and please dont judge my spiritual life by this chance. just bcs i missed it doesnt mean i am a atheist or whatever. i am just a lazy teenage girl who missed eucharist mass bcs of rain and pain ( i woke up late bcs i had a damn stomache yesterday, it caused me to sleep only for a moment) !!

seriously i hate you. i dont like to be judged by something that i dont.

by the way, i bet im not the only one who missed it today so where the fuck other people?

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