Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Hi. (updated)

first thing you have to know, i am complicated. and introvert. and not lovely, to be truth.
i dont have boyfriend, yet. and not planning to have it in any further. for now.
dont try to tell me things, because it's useless. i am stubborn. UNLESS, you are really someone whom i respect and/or love.
i have friends. and they are 10 times way cooler than your girl.
i am not ethnocentrism. and not racist.
i talk a lot. but not to you.
i have big heartache. and dont ask me why because it might be because of you.
i like many things but i have passion in photography.
i have a partner. she's one of my besties.
i am humorist. i am silly.
and i enjoy being victim of internet (like you called me). i enjoy every seconds of it.
i talk sarcasm. i think a lot.

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