Wednesday, 1 September 2010

i dont understand her. she keep telling me 'the rigt things' to do. how to live well, and right.
we have to keep balance and all the humanity things. she told me like i am bad girl that need to be taught.

hello? its my life. i do live my own life with my own way.
how to live well and happy?

do whatever i want.
respect people. yes, people. all people no exceptions.
spend your money on things you like.
do what you love.
take a chance.
say no.
do random funny things.
do unussualy things.

why do keep telling me those bullshit? it's useless, i told you.

even i do bad things. hey i am human. i do mistakes.
its okay to be bad/ why do you spend your life ding good things that you might not like.

as a random quote ever says, "good girls go to heaven. bad girls, go EVERYWHERE."

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